Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cat turns off light

A hammer and a landmine

Kid gets scared

Kid vs chicken

Bikejump fail

Merry-go-round fail

Waving bear

A dog and some fireworks

A tiger underwater

A lazy cat and some stairs

Threadmill fail

Parkour fail

Dude jumps from roof...forgets how to land.

Turtle bites cat

Dude misses the boat

Sleeping cat gets hug from mom

Chorusboy pukes

Wrestling fail

I touched him!

Wrecking ball hits a car

Kid tears a dollarbill

Merry-go-round fail

Runner crashes into woman

A dude and a cartrick

Nom nom cat

Crab changes his...something.

Kid gets loose

Hurry, the train is coming!

A dog and a blanket

Almost hit by train

Student falls asleep

Table jump fail

Dive fail

Truck hits a dude with door

Salsa dog

Gymnasist fail

Panda regrets

Scumbag cat

Hamster and a eyeball

My eyes!

Puking kid

Angry elephant

Snotty kid

Cat jump fail

Cat pushing another cat

Creepy....cart thingy

Gymnasist fail

Drunk guy falls down a floor

Cartwheel fail

Creepy handtrick